Markus Laakkonen's Online Portfolio


This picture tells the story of the self-proclaimed protector of the deep seas; Squidboy believes in his heart that he does the right thing, however, sometimes you end up hurting the one thing you’re trying to protect only to realize it when it’s already too late. I strongly believe that we have all made some poor and probably rash decisions at one point or another in our lives, in the end, to err is human.

A 19 second long time-lapse video of my process creating the background to my original outlined sketch.

Have you ever thought about how far you would go to spread your opinions and fight for what you believe is right? Would you break into a family farm to release minks to die in the wild just because you’re against the fur industry? Would you tag a wall in protest, both breaking laws and turning people against your agenda that might have been swayed otherwise? The main issue in my opinion is not if we do something wrong from time to time, but rather if we knowingly continue doing it. Don’t have a critical holier-than-thou approach to discussions, rather take the high road, be mindful and respect each other’s opinions even if you believe them to be wrong. In the end of the day it’s healthy to at least have someone with contrasting opinions in your life. By understanding how others view an issue you’ll learn how to handle conflicts and better convey your point of view without turning to yelling, name-calling and outright fighting.