Markus Laakkonen's Online Portfolio

Tea party

An originally unfinished piece of artwork that I submitted to a competition mostly on a whim before being ready to do so. I had intended to increase the contrast, finish of a pair of rough areas and add a background but time was not on my side, probably due to it being among the first artworks I was experimenting with this particular style. Add to the fact that every line and dot had to be manually drawn and dotted, it was some labor-intensive work indeed. I learnt a lot from the project and the experience. In the end of the day I believe there to be a certain charm with unfinished art and is any art ever truly finished?

Suomiart — The jury’s statement

The jury has selected a work, the winner of Young artist 2013, which combines both humor and seriousness as well as popular culture and artistic challenges.
The work is technically driven and well composed. It has a youthful look and associates both to the traditions of comics, satire art and graffiti that combines both the fun and the serious. At the same time, it is both engaging and arouses curiosity. How should this fictional world be interpreted? It mixes laughter, celebration and gluttony with fanged jaws and physically deformed creatures in a macabre way. Is the work a mockery of gluttony or a sad chapter in the forgottens life?

Why do you think eating is such an important part of socializing?